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ExamTube SAT Prep was designed by a PERFECT score SAT taker, for students to simplify studying by using interactive video tutorials that streamline education. With users today having access to multiple smart devices, ExamTube blends the perfect balance between studying on the go and quality education at an affordable price for anybody studying the standardized test. The proprietary technology that makes ExamTube has a successful track record for our students adding on average 216 points on their SAT scores. ExamTube is proud to have developed a unique method of studying for all of our users worldwide. ExamTube brings together multiple features into a simplified platform that caters to any users style of studying online, and on-the-go. ExamTube makes education retention simplified.

We give you everything you need to succeed on the exam for the best price on the market. We pride ourselves in replacing the tutor and the text to support the student. Why pay more when you can prep with our proven process for less. ExamTube gives every student an edge in SAT standardized test taking.

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Created and taught by our perfect score SAT taker, Augie. He received a 2400 on the Exam and created a groundbreaking process for students to use to increase scores nationwide.


ExamTube is an easy $29.99/month. Why pay HUGE prices when you can prep at an affordable one?

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An average of 216 points increase after using Examtube SAT prep for our users. We guarantee your score will increase after using our prep course.

Created and taught by our perfect score SAT taker, Augie. He received a 2400 on the Exam and created a groundbreaking process for students to use to increase scores nationwide.

We are changing the industry by making ExamTube affordable for all students to achieve great scores at an affordable price. Don’t take our word for it, check out some of our competitors below:

80% of students that used ExamTube got into the college of their choice. 87% of users reported an increase in their score.

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Average Point Increase of SAT Scores
Students That Used ExamTube Got Into The College of Their Choice
Of Users Reported an Increase in Their Score

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Developed by a renowned perfect score student

Augie, a master of SAT®! Augie passed the SAT® with a Perfect 2400. He’s the Tom Brady of tests, seriously. Augie tutored other students in SAT® for 4+ years following his Summa Cum Laude Master’s degree from Columbia University. That wasn’t enough for Augie, he wanted to make tutoring simpler and more convenient. Enter ExamTube, Augie teamed up with ExamTube to take his skills on the go! Augie’s success with hundreds of students redefined his ambition for perfecting the SAT® test taking experience to a whole new level. Now with ExamTube, Augie has helped thousands of students master the SAT®.

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