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Each video is 1-5 minutes long so you don’t get overwhelmed with long sessions


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ExamTube™ Mobile App iOS & Android compatible. (Free with Online Subscription)


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Created and taught by our perfect score SAT taker, Augie. He received 2400 on the Exam and created a groundbreaking process for students to use to increase scores nationwide.

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How It Works

ExamTube SAT Prep was designed by a PERFECT score SAT taker, for students to simplify studying by using interactive video tutorials that streamline education.

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  • Online + mobile platform (study on the go)
  • 250+ Videos and multiple choice questions
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  • $29.99 monthly subscription (cancel anytime)

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Meet Augie

Created by a Perfect Score Test Taker

Augie, a master of SAT®! Augie passed the SAT® with a Perfect 2400. He's the Tom Brady of tests, seriously. Augie tutored other students for 4+ years following his Summa Cum Laude Master's degree from Columbia University. That wasn't enough for Augie, he wanted to make tutoring simpler and more convenient. Enter ExamTube, Augie teamed up with ExamTube to take his skills on the go! Augie's success with hundreds of students redefined his ambition for perfecting the SAT®test taking experience to a whole new level. Now with ExamTube, Augie has helped thousands of students master the SAT®


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